The Waldorf-Steiner El Til-ler school is an educational co-operative which is run by the school’s teachers and families. Founded in 1999 and certified by the Generalitat of Catalunya in 2008, the school aspires to offer children a pedagogy based on respect for each individual child and their unique development.
The adult who accompanies them carefully observes their deepest needs specific
to each phase of their growth.


After the child loses their milk teeth, we know that their energies which up to this point are concentrated on bodily growth are now unleashed and can be used for academic learning. During these years, the child begins to find themself within a larger world and to shape their individual identity.  (+)



The Waldorf nursery school is like a big family during which the child’s learning is totally integrated into daily life, as a kind of extension of the home. This gives the child secruity and confidence. Play is the fundamental ‘work’ during these early years. (+)

In secondary school, at El Til-ler we intend to help young people develop the capacity to manage their adult life and to have the tools they need to transform the world. (+)

Waldorf pedagogy

The Waldorf pedagogy hopes to show children a path towards an understanding of the world which is full of meaning. Created by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, it is one of the most important educational movements in the world and is a reference for innovation in the sphere of contemporary pedagogy.  It is part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project and is currently present in more than 70 countries across all continents and has more than 2,000 centres of education. (+)

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